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About Me

Hello! I’m Jeff, and I geek out about things. Religion, for example. Philosophy too. Also politics, science, books, movies, music, and video games. Technology is a given. Even fitness and leadership are worth geeking out over. But mostly, tabletop role-playing games.

It all started at Christmas, 1981. That year, I received the Tom Moldvay edit of the Dungeons & Dragons Basic Set as a gift. Henceforth, D&D (and later AD&D) was my pastime of choice. I played other TTRPGs – Star Frontiers, Car Wars, Gamma World, Shadowrun, and Twilight: 2000 – and missed out on some – Call of Cthulhu, Traveller, and GURPS, for example – but I always returned to the dungeon.

Adulthood changed little for me in this regard. I served on active duty, lived on three different continents, married, had a child, and began a career while still gaming. Even so, divergence is unavoidable. For a longer time than expected, other pursuits held my attention, including that career I mentioned.

Information Technology is the means and the public sector the medium I chose for building said career. Computer networking was the starting point, but over the years I gravitated toward management roles. These days I spend most of my time supporting the people who get after it every single day. I do miss the tech, though.

I started this site because of this fundamental assumption: There’s value in sharing ideas and lessons learned from the time we spend doing things. We learn by doing, of course, but we also learn from each other.

So, in geeking out about things, my intent is to contribute something useful; to offer perspectives applicable at the gaming table, at work, and in life.

Happy reading! Hope to see you in the comments.